Stuff for Sale

or Who's selling what an for how much.  We don't sell it so we will find out who does and the cheapest prices will appear on this page.  

New Stuff


Snatch Blocks        Normally $70                                           $60

Snatch Straps 8,000 kg rated. Normally $70                 Now $60

Water Blinds                                                                        $35

Bushranger 4 tonne air jack    Normally $245                Now $230

PRT Ground Anchor    Normally $430                            Now  $410

Bow Shackles 3.2 tonne rated                                        Now $12

Big Haul Hand Winches   Normally $455                         Now $440

Tree Trunk Protector Down from $70                            Now $55

Contact John Webster at or Tel: 9725 5157

Brown Davis Automotive

Stuan Tyre Deflators        Normally $80                        Now $65

Auto Showers (does not include fitting)                                  $395

Long Range Fuel Tanks                                                             Cheap

Fridge Slide for 39/40 Ltr Engel and ARB Fridges

( Proper 100kg Capacity)     Down from  $275                 Now $255

Brown Davis May be contacted  by Email: or 

Tel (03) 9762 8722

These Prices were given as a Christmas price and will be reviewed but nobody's told us different so try it on.  If you wish to buy any of the above please tell them where you got the prices from or they may look at you funny, and I mean funny peculiar no funny ha ha.

As we get out and about a bit more and we sight more bargains they will be advertised on this page but we will only advertise stuff we know works and I can say with the exception of the fridge slide I own all the products listed above and the prices are cheaper than I paid.

Used Stuff

I set Nissan GU Series 2 ZD 30 Springs (Driven from Berwick to Top Performance)                                                                    $300

1 set of Nissan GU Series Shockers ( see above)              $300

Diff Centers Front and Rear Nissan GU Series 2 ZD 30    $500 each

1  7.5 metre drag chain unknown origin, not rated, in a Safeway             plastic bag                                                                              $50 + P&H





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