Horn Island

Torres Strait

The Torres Strait lies between Cape York and Papua New Guinea, the place where the Pacific Ocean in the form of the Coral Sea meets the Arafura Sea.  There are 70 Islands in the Torres Strait Community each different yet apparently the same.  We haven't got around to visiting them all yet but we've been well bitten and are returning at the first available chance.

The Torres Strait has everything, fishing, diving, sight seeing and a long and rich heritage.  All nationalities are seem to be represented and they are as varied as the scenery.  Thursday (TI) and Horn Islands are the main attraction and therefore better infrastructure for the tourist.  This no way implies these two are the only sights worth seeing, far from it but arrangements must be made prior to visiting other islands as some require permission before landing.  On our 2002 trip we came across Babugul Water Services Pty Ltd who are based on TI and provide transport, tours and diving tours in the Torres Strait.  If you wish to visit other Islands they will make the arrangements, obtain the necessary permissions, and supply the transport.  If you require further details please contact us via email.

The sun sets over Thursday Island. This was taken from Horn Island and if you are interested in photographing the sunsets up there be quick, they are glorious but over in 90 seconds.

Thursday Island    Horn Island



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