Cargo Barriers

A Cargo Barrier is not a luxury and if I had my way they would be compulsory equipment in all station wagon type vehicles.  Apart from the fact they are great to mount radio boxes and hang clothes to dry they actually stop all that crap you carry in the rear from migrating to the front where you and your family are usually seated.  Always remember your recovery gear is in the back and that's heavy. A cargo barrier is a steel mesh guard made to standards, yes standards, and they will be displayed on a Milford Cargo Barrier.  The bolts and housings used to mount these barriers are also made to a standard so they do not break unless subjected to extreme pressures usually far beyond the normal everyday stresses.

Imagine this: No cargo barrier and loaded to the hilt, Mum and the kids  all travelling well, when a mob of kangaroos bolt out of the side cut in front of you.  Instinct makes you brake as hard as you can to avoid disaster but without a cargo barrier the load in the back is not restrained and will continue to travel at your previous speed and probably end up in the front with you.  If you're lucky you will escape injury but most times not, injuries or even death occur and that really takes the gloss off the trip early. 

Cargo Barriers also provide extra strength in case of a roll over and in outback crashes everybody seems to roll more than once.  In a roll over without a cargo barrier imagine the mayhem inside the vehicle with pots, pans, eskies, and all manner of  gear in motion and travelling faster than the vehicle it leads to catastrophe.  Cargo Barriers will usually stop the vehicle's roof collapsing prior to the top of the seats lessening the risk of injury and making it easier to get out.

My cargo barrier was supplied by Nissan (as supplied by Milfords) and in previous vehicles I have used Milford Cargo Barriers because experience has taught me that the are the best. The newer two position cargo barriers give an enormous amount of flexibility for a couple where the entire area from the front seats back can be utilised. Those of you contemplating a vehicle without one I reckon that you have a good look at the retaining clips that stop the rear seats from moving forward and then the bolts and fasteners supplied by Milfords.  There is that much daylight between the two that a decision virtually makes itself.

Where to get one?  Kaymar or Brown Davis.


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