One of the first indicators that you are in a really out of the way place is no fences and no signal on the ubiquitous mobile phone.  Our Nissan has a Uniden 27 mhz,  GME TX 3400 UHF and a Codan HF radios fitted.  These radios are not cheap and not altogether necessary for every application. 

   The Codan NGT is the latest model and really is a flash piece of kit.  It allows access to all number of channels to talk on and to eavesdrop.  Unlike the Barrett which has, I think, 200 channels the Codan has thousands and the range has to been heard to be believed.  It is not uncommon to talk to someone in the Kimberly or Pilbara from suburban Melbourne.  Codan is the radio used by the Coppers, Ambos and anyone else demanding reliable bush communications.  The VKS 737 network (Four Wheel Drive Radio Network) has bases in each state, except Victoria, and provides a voice service for members as well as a monitoring role for travelers in outback areas.  The Royal Flying Doctor Services Bases are accessible using this radio as well as the BBC World Service and Voice of America.  The Codan also provides easy access to radio telephone services and is in fact looks and operates like a mobile phone

The GME TX 3400 UHF CB is a very good unit, which also incorporates a cell call feature with a very good range.  The countryside is littered with repeater stations to support the UHF network and as just about every cocky owns one their although line of sight is very wide spread.

The Uniden (27Mhz) is rarely turned on we only use it for convoy work during courses in the high country.  Most of the time all we can hear is any number of our lesser educated ones trying to show their stunning lack of vocabulary by swearing as many times per sentence as possible.   

Telstat Communications 52 Brunel Road, Seaford. One of the bosses Peter Dwyer can talk the leg off a cast iron stove (thatís why heís on 3AK, 1116 Mhz, every Saturday morning).  Telstat is a place of many Peters all of whom are expert in their trade and their lucky enough to have Harry and Tony to do the fitting, tuning and educating required.  They are not cheap, compared to Strathfield Car Radio, but they supply, fit, warranty and most importantly they understand their product and the dreamers that use them.

 They donít sell stereos or CD players

They also sell satellite telephones and provide a high quality back up service.

Telstat also supplied the Garmin GPS II Plus and fitted it to the vehicle and it looks like it was delivered from the factory with it.

In conclusion I would like to point out that these blokes are a team and whatever equipment you buy from them will be professionally installed and they will actually show you how to use it in your own vehicle.  That speaks realms of this mob theyíre proud of what the sell and back it to the hilt and in the 4x4 world thatís pretty high praise indeed but earned


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