New South Wales The Newell Highway carries a vast amount of traffic being the main trunk route between Melbourne and Brisbane.  The New South Wales Highway Patrol are a singularly humourless bunch when it comes to catching speeding Victorians and rightly so.  All too often they are required at fatal and serious collisions often caused by speed, fatigue, alcohol and carelessness.  It is not a good place to speed and the 110km speed limit is appropriate but those on a budget and with no commitments might choose to travel at between 80 and 100kph to improve economy and believe it or not there is a marked decrease in the amount of energy expended.  I am reminded of the great quote relative to all travellers “The oxen is slow but the Earth is patient” from the not so epic film High Road to China.  Take your time and enjoy the experiences of New South Wales because once you get through the Rugby barrier they’re actually really nice people.  I mean in no way to offend members of the NSWHP but look at speeding Victorians from their perspective they are rightfully savage and they don’t give an inch, a thoroughly professional bunch of people.  

South Australians are exactly the same as their NSW counterparts but operate their unmarked cars with a very high degree of cunning and seem well pleased when their methods are successful  and there's even less to see over there. Believe it or not the wind can be a contributing factor as those who have travelled the route will know that on No 1 you are either driving into a strong wind or its at your back. So please be careful they really are rat cunning, professional traffic coppers over there.

Victoria The only time I've seen a Victorian Traffic car in the last 3 years they were sorting out prangs and the hours and routes I take provide slim pickings for consolidated revenue - a former force to be reckoned with.  BUT they've hidden speed cameras on posts, bridges and overpasses so, like the casino, when your on a good thing stick to it.  To add insult to injury I got pinged by one of these bastard SAFETY cameras on a pole on the Monash Freeway at 84 kph in an 80 zone so be careful.  4x4's with after market tyres alter the accuracy of the speedo so in Victoria be careful.  Has it altered the road toll one iota, No, but the revenue rolls in just like the casino.  The amount of revenue being generated by speed cameras is obscene and indicates to me that either the speed limits are incorrect or Bracksy is short of a quid.  I should also repeat the words of the late great traffic policeman, Assistant Commissioner Frank Green, "speed camera fines are a voluntary contributions, you choose to speed then you choose to pay". That's my bitch and the last of the matter and if you're listening Big Kev I've paid it.

Queensland seem to place a reliance on speed cameras and they are very cunning in locating them but if your keep yours wits about you and drive within the speed limits you will have no bother.   The sun is the enemy coming through the windscreen it tends to dehydrate you more than normal and accelerate the onset of fatigue and that is a real killer on our roads. (See Fatigue)

We recommend that all speed limits no matter where they are adhered to but for some reason the long straights in NSW  and South Australia brings out the Jaun Manuel Fangio in some people.  OZ is a big place and if you're speeding you may miss something or you could hit something really hard.


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