Fridges are an essential part of long distance and/or outback traveling and usually are the subject of more arguments because everyone bought the best fridge in the world.  I don't intend on expanding on this argument because I know I have the best fridge ever made and the reason being it cost an absolute arm and a leg.  I have an Engel.  I have an Engel 39 litre which is sufficient for a normal family of 4 but most of my traveling is done alone so it is rarely full and further abused by being left in the sun.  The poor bloody thing is battered, bruised, scratched and often sat upon by fat thirsty men and it has never missed a beat

Fridges  perform best when they are full and opened rarely which is about twice a day.  What can I say when I'm thirsty mine could be opened 10 or 11 time a day and if things don't feel cold enough I just shut it and crank it up.  People have told me that this is not the way to treat them but mine hasn't missed a beat.   I've now realised that Ice is available nearly everywhere and the little drinks Esky that sits on the console means I don't have to get out of my air conditioned cocoon as may times.  I have hard wired my Engel into the power supply because a lot of the early problems encountered were caused by the plug coming adrift.  

Engel fridges come in all sizes and look exactly the same as the new ARB fridge which ARB are flogging mercilessly but if you are looking for a great deal on a fridge contact Bel-Air Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, 74-76 Macarthy Road, Marsden Queensland 4132 Ph: (07) 3803 3333 or Fax: (07) 3803 3332.  Don't be put off be the Queensland address he can deliver directly into Victoria or any other place for that matter and I've yet to see his price bettered and I see a LOT of fridge experts. (Expert please see the Definitions Pages)  If you do please tell him 4x4arts sent you he really is a nice bloke and he probably wouldn't know me if he fell over me but he serviced my fridge and he's good and CHEAP.


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