Long Range Fuel Tanks

Long Range Tanks and other accessories:  Brown Davis Automotive supplied and fitted an 80-litre reserve tank to the Nissan for that little range extension for those out of the way places.  Why Brown Davis you ask?  Their tanks are built to standards set in the Australian Design Rules and that sort of accreditation is not just thrown around willy-nilly.  David Brown is extremely knowledgeable in fit ups and basically all the accessories and like other good suppliers he doesnít sell junk.  He manages to employ some pretty switched on people and thereís not many problems that cannot be overcome.

 Brown Davis Automotive recently supplied a hot water system for us but as the unit would not fit under the bonnet so they constructed a unit in a case that plugs into the heater hoses under the bonnet.  Itís very clever and provides unlimited hot water that keeps us clean freaks happy now if they could only wire up the 1,000 watt industrial hair dryer for, sorry this is no place to be dreaming.  

Brown Davis also supply full servicing facilities and they differ from most dealers in that they all own four wheel drives in varying stages of decrepitude so they know what they are talking about.  David also has a full range of accessories and necessities at competitive prices and any advice he gives is pretty spot on.  Of late he has taken to flogging KC HiLites off road driving lights and they are not bad apart from their 23 year warranty.

Brown Davis Automotive are at 42 Holloway Road Bayswater and they have a web site www.browndavis.com.au and if you wish to Email them try the following: sales@browndavis.com.au

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