Kangaroos & Wildlife

Once you enter New South Wales and until leave again at the end of your individual odyssey you are in KANGAROO Country and carcasses line the side of the road as an inactive reminder.  Avoid driving at night when they are active on the side of the roads and if you must drive my experience has taught me that low speed and low beam tends to work.  High beam and driving lights tends to attract their attention and if you have a kangaroos full and undivided attention you will usually hit it.

All manner of dead fauna litter the highways and byways of our country and the bigger the animal and the faster the vehicle the greater the damage.  You will make decisions when driving in isolated places where fences don't exist,  you haven't seen another car all day and the first of those decisions is don't drive at night because that is when the majority of animals are killed or injured.  

It makes perfect sense that when the sun goes down you are comfortably sitting in front of your camp fire after slightly charred meat and veggies with can of your choice beverage in hand, looking up at the stars and marveling that you've got this far unscathed, mums happy and everything is as is should be. Why spoil it by trying to cover ground and not be able to see the marvels of the outback.  You may miss something or you could hit something.

It is important to remember at this stage the alcohol fueled traveller, remember, he who cannot drink the local water for fear of poisoning, is travelling home or to his camp secure in the knowledge that he won't suffer gastro in the morning.  Be very wary of people who start drinking in the early morning and have an excuse for their actions they are dangerous and reflecting on the old adage that "God looks after fools and drunks" they usually survive the crashes they cause.

Sorry but I'm now off my hobby horse and repeat the simple message of this page is give the wildlife  and the flora for that matter a decent chance drive to avoid them.

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