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Nearly all businesses in the remote parts of OZ rely on tourism for at least part of their income.  In south eastern Queensland fuel is about the cheapest in OZ but it's not in the outback.  The dearest I struck on the mainland was $1.89.9 for diesel at Seisia and the cheapest $1.21 litre at Woolworths in Woodridge (the Coupons still work up there).  Local supermarkets and markets are not all that much dearer than at home, a can of soft drink is usually $2.00 and a can of XXXX Gold is usually $4.00 over the bar.  A quiet drink with the locals can be an enlightening experience and lead to places and sites we've never of.  The perennial joke about XXXX and the ability of Queenslanders to spell is well past its use by date.

Locals are proud of their little patch and do not take all that well to being criticised by a tourist or any of the other terms used to describe the financially over endowed blow ins.  Perennial complaints are  that tourists come in use the facilities, refuel from a gerry can and then eat their packed lunch prior to leaving all in a cloud of dust.  Prior to my last trip to the Cape I would have said "Bulldust" but I lunched at Musgrave Station and witnessed the whole lot and it was not just one vehicle but a whole swag traveling together.  All were Victorian and roundly condemned by the locals.  


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