Rear Bars, Steps, Wheel Carriers, Aerial mounts and all sorts of other things

Rear bars and steps have always been the rightful domain of Kaymar but they also supply and fit Garry Plantís drawer systems and I reckon they are the best.  I first met Ken Jackson in 1998 after we  bought a turbo diesel Jeep Cherokee.  Whilst trying to source a rear wheel carrier he was the only person I spoke to who didnít query my sanity for not buying a Nissan or Toyota.  He was one of the few people that knew Jeep actually produced a diesel.  His bars and other products are of first class quality and those contemplating fitting HF aerials to Nissans should check out his rear mount it works well and saves wear and tear in comparison to the bull bar mount. 

It is not often that if you require the fabrication of accessories that Kaymar  can't make it happen and if you are only seeking advice they will take the time to fully explain things.  Kaymar also has a full range of accessories and necessities at competitive prices and Ken will always make time to talk to you.  For any skeptics out there Ken Jackson probably wouldn't know 4x4 arts  if he tripped over us he is just a genuine individual with an excellent range of products. 


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