I do not like reptiles they frighten the living daylights out of me and, my wife for that matter.  If I happen to see one slithering across the road I will drive around it telling myself heís doing 1 kilometre a day whilst Iím doing 100 kilometres per hour in the opposite direction so we will be unlikely to meet. After an experience like that I am able to drive for extra hours no problem.

I see no point in running them over. What happens if they flick up into your suspension or engine bay.  Imagine it, first thing in the morning checking the tyre and a snake pops his head out one of the holes in the rim?   I'm 130 kilos but I reckon I could outrun Ben Johnson and then have my heart attack.

Reptiles that know you are coming will disappear and the problem is over.  I have found another good reason for not swimming in tropical waters is the presence of sea snakes who are by nature an aggressive animal.  It is said to show fear of a dog will encourage animosity in the dog but to show fear of a reptile seems to me to be bloody good sense.

A friend of mine with an impeccable (not known for telling fibs) character told me that on his last, and I mean last, trip to the Cape after an extremely heavy night he felt the call of nature.  He selected a nice clear spot with a view of the Jardine River, placed his toilet roll on a convenient log, lowered his strides and began to commune with nature.  As the moment of relief approached the log next to him got up and walked into the river it was at this moment he discovered how to run, pull up his pants, shit and scream the place down all at the same time.

The lessons of the bush are simple you must have your wits about you all the time.  My friend now limits his travels to the inland deserts and the high country.  Anywhere near water in crocodile country have a look around and donít stay in the one spot too long crocs are very clever and rely on the behavioural patterns of their prey near water for a feed.


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