Road Rules

It may come as a shock to many but the road rules as we know them have been adapted to suit local conditions.  How many for instance would know who has right of way and ascending of descending 4x4 in the high country - the one going up course.

In the vastness of the outback the road train rules.  If there is a strip of bitumen up the middle that's where he drives, he does not pull over and he does not slow down.  This is a regular occurrence where size does matter and when you consider the roadside apart from the bitumen is  fairly sharply cambered to make rolling a definite possibility.

Outback etiquette is quite simple either pull over or get out of a road train's way you can't argue with them they're well gone in the biggest cloud of dust you have ever seen.  The hardest maneuver on outback roads is to overtake one of these monsters on an unmade road, traveling to fast on the corrugations, teeth rattling, every tyre on the behemoth shooting gravel at me and in the end you wonder  was it all worth it.  I have  a new strategy I bought a real flash kettle at Piranha and I take time to have a soothing cup of tea and pump another valium into mum.


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