TI Part 2

A full day spent seeing the attractions will not cover everything but we thought a day covered what we wanted to see.  All kinds of souvenirs are available, groceries are available from the IBIS store and if you require hardware there is the only hardware store north of Weipa.  Prices vary but most things are not that dear and if you should mention the price you will receive the standard history of transport in the area.  Look closely at arcades and out of the way type shops because the Chinese traders carry huge ranges of stock and there is more than the occasional bargain to be had. 

HMAS Gladstone entering TI with Prince of Wales Island in the background.

The Customs House is must see and in particular the TOP SECRET shipping register from the Second World War (I'm sorry about these two shifty looking characters they just wanted to be photographed)

TI is well set up for the tourist and all the necessary infrastructure is well in place.  The Jardine Motel has air conditioned rooms at reasonable rates as do the hotels.  The three hotels on the island offer varying types of cuisine as well as the restaurant at the Jardine Motel, there will be something to suit most budgets.  Having eaten at the Jardine and the Grand I can honestly say the food was terrific and reasonably priced.  

We stayed at the Gateway Resort on Horn Island which may not be as flash but as part of the tour cost it was an absolute bargain.  I speak very highly of the place because the beer was cold, the rooms air conditioned, the food (great), the swimming pool wet and the museum attached is a must see.

TI has a rich and diverse history and I heartily recommend if you go there you take a guided tour of both TI and Horn Island, both have a great story to tell.  The 19th century Green Hill Fort is well worth the visit alone, and the views from the top of the hill on a clear day are beyond description if you're into colours and islands.  We recommend Gateway Tours run by Liberty and Vanessa Seekee of the Gateway Torres Strait Resort on Horn Island Tel: (07) 4069 2222 or email: gtsr@bigpond.com.

Tours to TI and Horn Island can be booked almost anywhere at Seisia and the camping grounds.  The Pedells Ferry takes an hour each way and is $80 return from Seisia.

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