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At the outset I would like to point out the 4x4arts.com is not a supplier of driver training to recreational 4x4 drivers nor do we retail any of the products seen on this site.

Good four wheel drives are big, awkward and considered by some to be ugly but, as we all know, they are a thing of beauty and with all things of beauty they are reasonably high maintenance in comparison to a lesser performing two wheel drive.  The manufacturers have got four wheel drive manufacture down to a fine art and it is rare to get one that stuff’s up or in fact even rattles on rough roads.

If you intend to buy or own a 4x4 and intend never to leave the bitumen surface  or flat well maintained unsealed roads you will not require any form of training so turn off now.

If you intend to leave the bitumen surface for not so well maintained unsealed roads you will benefit from 4x4 training.  On these surfaces you should have and adequate knowledge of where you can and cannot take the modern 4x4.  Do not be misled be the ads on the TV or the photographs in the dealers.  Speed in the bush is your worst enemy because when you come unstuck you hit harder, do more damage and ruin the environment. 

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." 

- Albert Einstein (1879-1955) 

This is probably the quote that most fits the untrained "expert" four wheel driver who probably lacks the intelligence to understand the danger he/she causes as they plough their way through the countryside like a hoard of rutting feral pigs.

 Properly trained 4x4 drivers should leave only tyre prints to show their passing. If you drive like the lunatics in the ads on the television you will rapidly find the loophole in your warranty - Driver Error  

Magazines and videos on how to drive a 4x4 are generally sourced on a system or method based on the experience of one person and do not comply with the competencies required. Oh shock horror!!! Competencies for driving a 4x4?  Yes they do exist and if a training package is not based on them then they simply are not the best one for you.  The 4x4 Training Package was designed by those in the 4x4 industry for those in the 4x4 industry and approved by the Australian National Training Authority (ANTA).  To date I have not met a club instructor who has even heard of it, so it makes sense to seek professional training.  Bad habits and short cuts lead to a lackadaisical attitude which in turn leads to disaster.  Some clubs provide driver awareness training but if is not  based on the competencies set out in SR099 is it the best for you?

The majority of trainers are now qualified with at least a Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training and they are conversant with adult learning techniques which makes the entire process a whole lot easier and believe it or not it appears to be Fun.  They will also teach the basics of recovery, track assessment and water crossings.  Make sure the instructor you choose is properly qualified to teach proper course of instruction remember your wife and kids are a pretty precious cargo.  If he is not properly qualified, contact us we'll find one for you.

 There's nothing worse than having all the gear and not knowing how it works.  Use something incorrectly and the consequences can be dire in remote areas, I can think of nothing worse than standing there with your front teeth in hand thinking (it hurts to talk) so that strap really was dangerous in that application and perhaps the stretchy one would have been better



Water Crossings made easier

*Professor Gabriel Robins is the source of the quotes used on this page look him up learn something.

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