Tyres, air, experts and sanity 

No one buys my tyres for me.  No one supplies me with free tyres.  I wish somebody would.  Extracting money from me for tyres is hard, so I've researched, rang, asked, listened and dialled up on the internet.  Don't get me wrong but tyres are probably the most researched items on our vehicle and they must  adapt to a plethora of tasks to carry us all over Oz.  The views expressed on this page were formed over a long period (years) of listening and watching.  I don't want to get sued so I haven't mentioned the brands I've seen over the years that didn't make the grade.  The bar was set very high because I have to pay for them and they're not cheap.  If I get a puncture or really blow one out I have to pay  for replacement, no one supplies me with free tyres.

 The needs of 4x4 driver are as varied as the country we live in but like the vehicles we drive they are not all created equal.  For use in the high country I run BF Goodrich Mud Terrain T/A that are 1 inch over sized and the Speedo is accurate or I thought it was till I got pinged 4kph over the limit..  Off road nothing compares for strength and grip and the 3-ply sidewall gives confidence in sandy/rocky country where a sidewall stake is possible.  I havenít noticed any increase in road noise over the standard Highway Duellers but then again Iím going deaf and I listen to the wireless all the time so I just turn it up.

 Prior to our current vehicle and our introduction to muddies I ran BFG A/T koís on our little Jeep Cherokee turbo diesel and they are a tough tyre with excellent grip and there perfectly at home on the black top. Sure they make a bit more noise so turn the wireless up and proceed with all necessary aplomb.  

Modern tyres are built to incredibly high standards and when you know the amount of time research and testing that goes into them I think it a shame that some people are allowed to buy them let alone use them.  Everything that is written on this site is the result of personal experience and being struck on more than one occasion by the fickle finger of fate.  Yes, I have got it wrong once or twice or maybe slightly more often but I have learnt and I now share this with you the reader.

 Tyre efficiency requires that a certain amount of the actual tyre surface be in contact with the road surface and in conjunction with an excellent set of dampers (shockers) provide safe and expedient stopping capacity when required and a smooth ride when not.  I recently ran into an "expert" in the Melbourne metropolitan area who had returned from a trip to Darwin covering prodigious distances each day but found the roads a bit rough and a huge vibration on anything but the smoothest of surfaces.  The vehicle in question was a 60 Series Toyota, and if he was still alive,  Mr. Toyota congratulations, this is a true tribute to the indestructibility of his product.  Fitted with BF Goodrich AT koís which I was informed they were the best thing since sliced bread and at 80 psi wear was minimal. A fact I wish I knew before kicking one of them and bruising 4 toes.  The bloke has now made it to "expert" status because he read this pressure on the tyre wall so thatís what he put in them and like his predecessor Fred Flintstone it was like running on stone tyres. 

Tyres are made to flex, bend and do all sorts of other things to avoid puncture and overheating.  Manufacturers know how their product should be used.  A friend and I both have GU Patrols and they differ little but his is heavier and around town his tyres are using 45 psi and mine 40 psi.  On gravel roads the pressure may be lowered slowly until the optimum is reach for instance on Cape York fully laden I ran 25 to 30 psi in the front and 30in the rear.

The 2002 saw the fitting of BFG Mud Terrain km's fitted and both front and rear were run on 45 psi on the bitumen and 32 psi on the dirt and they are better.  I find it hard to believe BFG could have improved on the old tyre but they've improved the side to basically the same as the All Terrain ko and they were not even marked after 5,000 km of pretty solid bush travel before returning home on the black top.


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